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It’s another new year, but it seems 2014 has brought no end to the spate of domestic violence. Merely three days after popping champagne bottles and making New Year resolutions, the county’s newspapers were flooded with news that yet another young mother had been brutally murdered by a jealous man.Siromanie LokhnauthDomestic violence can turn deadly at anytime. Often, there are no warning signs – just the tragic outcome that leaves too many questions unanswered for the loved ones who are left with no choice but try to go on with their lives together despite the missing piece they will never have again.It’s a bone chilling reality for family and friends who have lost someone to domestic violence. How do they cope? Is it easy hearing that you lost a mother, sister, niece, cousin or friend at the hand of a perpetrator who went way too far, didn’t notice the stop signs?Kaieteur News interviewed some of the families whose loved ones were a part of last year’s horrendous statistics. It was reported that over 24 relationships turned deadly last year.Like the other families,Allen Robinson Jersey, Sakumtala Bhisundial was stunned by her sister, Geeta Bhisundial’s death. As a matter of fact,Andy Lee Jersey, she recalls the day her sister’s life was snuffed out by what she described as her sister’s jealous, insecure and possessive husband.On June 2, 2013, 27-year-old Geeta was allegedly strangled by the man for whom she produced and mothered three children. The suspect, Tarachand “Ramesh” Parbudial,Zapatillas Nike Baratas Outlet, reportedly then tried to hang himself but his suicide attempt was cut short by Sakumtala, who reported that she managed to cut the rope from around his neck.At that time, little did she realise how bleak the future had suddenly become for her family and more particularly the seven, four and a two-year-old, who would have had no mother to tend to them and a father ‘in the system.’A reflective Sakumtala said: “Nothing is the same. It is very hard for everyone. At the time, all the adults were helpless as everyone was moved out of their comfort zone. I tell you adjusting is no easy task.”“I know we have to move on and we try to make the best of everything. We try to be there for the children and support them. They have become more sensitive than other children and are clingier. They are a bit more insecure but we understand that this is tough, in fact it is tough on all of us,” she said.Geeta Bhisundial and her sisterSakumtala reports that the Preliminary Inquiry into her sister’s murder is currently being heard by Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh at the Albion Magistrates’ Court. There are reports that the victim was physically abused several times prior to her death but she had failed to report to the authorities.“My sister never reported the matters. She believed in toughing it out and managed to shut everyone out. To be honest, she never used to tell anyone at first but about three months before he killed her the verbal and physical abuse became too much.”The sister claims that it was at that point that her sister confided in her what had been happening but said that the extent of the abuse was kept from her. “I tried to intervene but sometimes when they ‘patch up’ I get kicked aside,” she recalled.Geeta it seemed had made it a habit of not wanting to have the family worry about her but her sister strongly believes that had she involved the legal system, she would have been a survivor who could have relayed her story but most importantly her niece and nephews would have had their mommy today.She said “Had she opened up more and people knew, we could have done something but now we have to mourn her loss.”The words which the grieving sister left Kaieteur News with were “It is easier to know you have a family member in court for assault, even though they may feel embarrassed. Being the victim of murder is the extremely horrible end.”Meanwhile, Renuka Chattergoon is still mourning the death of her mother, Siromanie Nadia Lokhnauth. On November 23,Danny Ainge Jersey, 2013, the 42-year-old woman died at the hands of the man she had shared 15 years of her life with.Reports are that they were experiencing marital problems and were living separate lives for several months. The couple was on the verge of a divorce when the incident occurred.Siromanie had migrated to the United States of America with her two children when her husband, Deonauth “Moses” Lokhnauth asked her to come home to sign some documents. She returned and was reportedly shot dead in her sleep by her husband. He then killed himself.When Kaieteur News contacted Chattergoon she said that “Everyone is still in grief. We’re saddened because mom was our backbone.” She said that there is just hate between her and her step-siblings as they are currently trying to come to legal settlements.Chattergoon recalled that when they all decided to board the aircraft for greener pastures, the plan was to settle in the US. “Now we’re here back in Guyana bonded by court matters,” she lamented.Like the Bhisundial family, she said that she and her brother are trying to adjust to this change in their life. “We will go back and settle because her wish was for us to have the opportunities available to us.”“Now we’re picking up the pieces and trying to move on. It’s hard though. I have voice notes from mom that I listen to everyday so it feels as though she is there with me every day.”“I feel upset all the time and I have a million unanswered questions. The police say that she died of the gunshot but I feel he beat her before he shot her,” she lamented. Chattergoon believes that her step father’s suicide was a cowardly act.When asked about the relationship her mother shared with the man she said “It was abusive all the time. I lived with them for over a year and he would curse her and fight with her. As a matter of fact, he started hitting her from the beginning, since 1999.”Chattergoon told this publication that her step father had even resorted to violence to keep their mother away from them. To support her claim, she added that residents of Seaforth Street, Campbellville could verify her claims as they would have witnessed the many times he would “beat her down the street.”“Yet still she stayed,” the young woman said. According to Chattergoon,Alvin Kamara Jersey, her mother was afraid of having yet another failed marriage to her name. She said also that her mother saw it as an opportunity to “build something” for her and her brother.What is interesting about her story is that Siromanie’s daughter can recall the many visits that her mom made to the Kitty Police Station. “My mom did go to the station. The officers knew about the situation and at one time he had to lodge his gun.”However, during the time she stayed with her mother she recalled that they had filed for a divorce because of the violent nature of the relationship but “He even threatened her. He warned her that if she left,Cheap Basketball Jerseys China, he would harm her children.”Chattergoon said that they have never advanced to the courtroom because her mother was afraid and did not want to deal with the ‘embarrassment’ attached to such a situation. As a matter of fact, just like Bhisundial, Siromanie did not want her family to know of the pain she was going through.The young woman said too that her mother could have been alive today but “A lot of people contributed to this. When mom decided to leave,Zapatillas Nike Mujer Espa?a, people begged her to stay and work it out so she second guessed herself. She did not want to be seen as the ‘bad one’ so she took their advice. Had she stuck to her guts, she would have been alive today.”The young lady further blames the legal system of Guyana. “Guyana needs to work on their laws. They need to take these things more seriously. My step father was a licensed firearm holder. If the police were having complaints about him then they should have taken away his gun.”They however, failed to properly intervene she said. Her mom she imagines could have been alive today, continuing to help the many less fortunate children who she would have dedicated time to supporting.