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This week we continue our foray into the world of autism … a world where we find millions of children and adults that are cut off from the rest of us. And the great irony is that even in their shared condition there can be no companionship such as that shared by two blind men or two deaf children signing with each other.Their isolation is from everyone. But perhaps that picture is too bleak and it does not allow for the strength and courage that is an essential part of every human soul. Because some of the people suffering with autism make the effort to climb out of that hole, they fight tooth and nail to cross the bridges that are taken effortlessly by the rest of us.They take special programs that incorporate a consistent regimen of speech, music,Wholesale Jerseys China, behaviour and occupational therapy.With early diagnosis a treatment regimen may be started. Through specialist individual education, therapies and structured support, people with autism can have a chance at leading normal lives and as we saw last week, some of them may go on to lead exceptional lives.This week we bring you another of the stories we started sharing with you last week on a few surprising autistics people and some of the surprising things that they have done.Did you know that one of the most famous tales in all of storytelling was written by an autistic?Quinn presents to you … the one, the only, Alice in Wonderland’s Lewis Carroll.“Once upon a time there were two men: a very serious professor named Charles Dodgson, who wrote Maths books, and a silly man named Lewis Carroll, who made up puzzles and told funny stories. As different as they were, though, they had a few things in common. They came from the same town. They wore the same clothes. They even used the same toothbrush. In fact, they were the same person.Charles Dodgson had a happy childhood until he went off to boarding school. He felt very homesick there. The other boys made fun of his stutter,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, which only made it worse. Two things got Charles through this difficult time: memories of home and Maths.Later, after graduating from Oxford, Charles was offered a job there teaching Maths. There was a catch, though: the job was open only to a bachelor—a man who doesn’t have a wife or children. Charles took the job,NFL Jerseys From China, knowing that it meant he would never have a family of his own.Making friends was always difficult for Charles. He had a hard time even speaking to other adults. Around children, he was more relaxed. One day, on a picnic, the children begged Charles to tell them a story. He told them a tale about a girl named Alice—which just happened to be the name of one of the little girls at the party. The story was a big hit with the kids. When Charles got home, he decided to write it all down.In 1865, the story became a book called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Of course,Cheap Jerseys China, people knew Charles Dodgson as a stuffy Maths professor,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which didn’t quite go with this very unstuffy book. So he decided that he needed a different name for the book cover—a pen name. The name he came up with, Lewis Carroll, is how most people know him today.Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was so popular that Charles was inspired to write another book, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found there. Some people like that one even better than the first. Both had something that all the best kid’s books share: They were as fun for grown-ups as they were for kids. Parents didn’t get bored reading Alice books over and over again. Some adults even bought the books for themselves!Today, these books have been translated into more than 30 languages, including Spanish, Japanese,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and Arabic.Autism may remain mis- or undiagnosed in countries like Guyana for quite a long time but if there is someone who you think may be autistic perhaps you should check out this website:

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