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A total of 174 cases have been listed for trial during the January Session of the Demerara Criminal Assizes,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, which opened at the High Court in Georgetown, yesterday with the traditional ceremonial parade and march past.The parade included the Police Band Corps of Drums with 60 ranks of the Tactical Services Unit, comprising the Guard of Honour, who saluted and was inspected by one of the judges assigned to the session.Justice Franklyn Holder, Justice Navindra Singh and Justice James Bovell-Drakes will preside over criminal proceedings during this session.One hundred and thirty –two murders, six of which the victims are female, are scheduled for hearing before the three judges.Among the proceedings slated to come up before the judges are Attempted Murder,Andre Burakovsky Jersey, Manslaughter, Carnal Knowledge, Incest, Armed Robbery, Buggery,Wholesale Jerseys China, Aiding & Abetting a Murder Suspect,Stitched Jerseys, Aiding & Abetting to Commit Murder, Abduction, Rape, and Unlawful & Malicious Wounding.A number of highly anticipated cases, which were listed for trial during the last two sessions, reappeared on the record for this session.Among the cases, which remain on the list for trial are those of Bibi Shareema Gopaul and Jarvis Small called ‘Barry’, who have been jointly accused of the unlawful killing of Queen’s College Student,China Jerseys Cheap, Neesa Gopaul; popular promoter, Colin Mack,Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping, who was indicted for rape, and Cyon Collier called Picture Boy,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, who is accused of a double murder.

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