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"You can be too loose to where you're overconfident,Air Max 720 Pas Cher, arrogant. But you can be too tight to where you're wound up and you can't play football that way,Dwight Powell Jersey," Mathis said. "You have to have fun. This is a kid's game so you have to approach it as such. Have fun. Just do what you got here. That's what I always tell my young guys. Do what got you here and you'll be all right."
Many of Dungy's pupils,Byron Scott Jersey, including NFL sacks champs Robert Mathis,Cheap Football Jerseys Paypal, still abide by that philosophy. Mathis has spent the last two Januarys telling teammates all they really have to do is match their opponents' intensity,Rams Jersey Super Bowl, pay attention to the details,Scarpe Air Max 97 Outlet, do their jobs and trust teammates to do theirs — the same approach Indy has used all season. But when it comes from the mouth of someone who has played in Super Bowls and won one, the words carry more clout.

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