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More customers who have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars for subscriptions to a DirecTV service from Caracas, Venezuela, are crying fraud.Berbicians have been complaining of being part and parcel of a rip-off carried out by an individual named Ramotar.According to a defrauded Direct TV customer, Krishna David,Adidas Stan Smith Shoes Cheap, of Fitzburg Port Kaituma, North West District,Carolina Panthers Jersey Cheap, last April he spent $300,000 for two Direct TV receivers and one Satellite which he purchased from an ex-policeman named Ramotar.He explained that he paid for eight months for one service and one year for the other. For the first two months the service was proper. However, while he was receiving service,Wholesale Jerseys, Ramotar requested that he provide him with more customers,Cheap Basketball Jerseys, and he provided four customers who also paid for services that were later severed after the first two months, “which is exactly what happened to me.”David said that he made many calls to Ramotar. After three months he finally made contact and was told to send both of his pre-paid Direct TV cards to Georgetown. He recalled that his wife carried the cards and when the pre-paid cards were exchanged,Stitched Atlanta Falcons Jerseys, he noticed that the service which he received were all Venezuelan TV programmes which only lasted for one and a half month.He disclosed that after trying umpteen times he finally made contact with Ramotar, who was verbally abusive and disrespectful and who only gave sad excuses for reasons why his service was disconnected. After becoming frustrated, David called his lawyer who later contacted Ramotar, who told his lawyer that he (David) was making allegations that were not true.” He doesn’t want to refund our money.”David revealed that he made contact with someone from Venezuela who charged $21,Authentic Air Max 720,000 for one year service for Direct TV service. “This man Romatar was robbing everybody all the time.”The other customers, with whom this newspaper spoke, have been without DirecTV signals for months. Customers said that they were always being promised that the service would be restored during the week but nothing ever happened.They are adamant that the individual has been swindling their monies and has not been paying whatever dues necessary to the DirecTV Caracas headquarters; hence the subscribers lose signals for very long periods on a regular basis.Kaieteur News spoke to one customer from New Amsterdam who related that she started subscribing to the service on June 21, 2009 after paying down the huge sum of $176,000 for 14 months of viewing.“He is a very conniving and robbing person. And every time you try to contact him, he gives you his word [that the service would be reconnected].He is very unreliable; he even gets his wife to lie for him to customers whenever they call to complain about being disconnected.The customer,Andre Johnson Jersey, who was very angry and confused, was adamant that she was not the only customer who is suffering that fate. “I am sure it is not me alone. I am sure that there are other people. Someone should forward his information to the police so that they can hunt him down.”

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