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The trial in which Shawn Thom and Orin David called ‘Plait Hair’ or ‘Malik’ are facing Justice Franklyn Holder and a mixed 12- member jury on murder charges, commenced yesterday at the Georgetown Supreme Court.The duo was indicted for the murder of Mahaica farmer, Lakhram Bishundial, which allegedly took place on August 20, 2010 at De Hoop Mahaica, East Coast Demerara.The deceased Lakhram BishundialTwo witnesses took the stand yesterday to give evidence in the case.  The first,Scarpe Air Max Scontate, Doodnauth Bishundial, identified himself as the father of the deceased.He told the court that he identified the body of his eldest son at the Georgetown Public Hospital mortuary.After a post mortem examination was conducted on his son’s remains, Bishundial said that he was cremated at the Good Hope Crematorium.The next witness, Seeta Bishundial recounted the events leading up to her cousin’s death.“I went to Georgetown with my cousin Totaram to purchase items for his wedding …On our way back home I saw Lakhram (the deceased) driving a truck; he was coming towards us in the opposite direction. My cousin, Totaram pulled his pickup, to the side of the road. Lakhram pulled over his truck on the opposite side of the road, Totaram exited the vehicle and went over to the other side,Air Force Scontate, they started to talk for a few minutes,” the witness stated.The witness claims that she saw a medium built Negro man approach her cousins from the side of the truck, and pointed what appeared to be a gun at them.“I looked away; I could not believe what I saw. The Negro man had braided hair which reached his shoulder… I heard a loud noise and I looked and saw Lakhram fall unto his left side. The man then walked across the road and yanked opened the door of the driver’s seat and demanded cash from a bag on the floor of the vehicle yelling “hand me the bag,Discount Nike Sb Shoes, hand me the bag.”A few minutes later the witness said Totaram came back to the vehicle and two men from the truck lifted Lakhram and placed him in back seat of the pick up; “I saw what appeared to be blood on his right side,Oakland Raiders t Shirts Cheap,” she detailed.At one point during her testimony the witness became emotional and had to be granted a few minutes by the Judge to regain her composure.Attorneys at -laws, George Thomas,Cheap Shoes Australia Free Shipping, Trenton Lake and Sedella Ferrell are appearing on behalf of the two accused.In her opening address to the court, State Prosecutor Judith Gildharie Mursalin told the court that the 35 year- old rice farmer was shot during a robbery.According to the Prosecutor, Bishundial of De Hoop Mahaica, was murdered while his relatives were preparing for his brother Totaram Bishundial’s wedding, which was slated for Sunday August, 22 2010.“On Friday August 20, 2010, Totaram Bishundial left his home for Georgetown with his cousin, Seeta to do some shopping for the wedding… He went to Demerara Bank and withdrew $500,000.”On his way back he stopped at Victoria Gas Station, he spoke with his brother Lakhram called Mohan on the telephone ….as he reached Good Hope, East Coast Demerara,Cheap Nike Shoes Wholesale, he saw his brother approaching in the opposite direction. Lakhram was driving a lorry and they stopped to chat for a few minutes…. A man approached Totaram from the side of the lorry with a gun and asked for the bag of money,Buffalo Bills Jerseys Cheap China, threatening to shot him.  That man shot Lakhram.”Prosecutor Mursalin told the court that the injured man was taken to the St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.Following a post mortem examination which was conducted by state Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh, it was found that the man died as a result of a perforated liver and spleen, owing to the injuries he received.The two accused were later arrested and charged with murder.The Prosecutor spoke to the panel concerning their role in the trial.“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution brought these two accused here before you charged with murder ….if after hearing all the evidence in this case you are left in doubt, or you are unsure of their guilt, then it is your duty to find them not guilty. However, if you feel sure that these two men murdered Lakhram Bishsundial, then you must find them guilty.”She told the panel that several witnesses will be called as the matter continues.“Your task is to focus on the witnesses as they testify … look at their demeanor … it is an important guide in enabling you to decide whether a witness is speaking the truth or not.”

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