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Prominent dental clinic proprietor Cobeer Persaud hosted a number of visually impaired persons at his facility at Peter’s Hall,Cheap Jerseys From China, treating them to timely dental check-ups as part of an ongoing programme of reaching out to the less fortunate.Staffers at the Dental Clinic along with the seniors from the Guyana Society of the Blind.The grateful recipients from the Guyana Society for the Blind were treated to cleaning,China Jerseys Football, extractions and a general dental check-up during their stay at the facility.While all could not be attended to on that day, the businessman has undertaken to continue treating those who missed out, on a future date.Apart from the dental care, the businessman also donated $100,Cheap Yeezy Authentic,000 to the Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO) to assist them in carrying out their developmental plans for 2013.Theresa Pemberton, Administrator for the NGO thanked the business entity for making the contribution.“This is the first time that a private company helped us like this and we are very thankful.”She explained that every second Wednesday, the Ministry of Health would send a health worker to do general medical checkups with the seniors.“They (health worker) come and check their blood pressure, blood sugar but not their mouth.”Pemberton urged entrepreneurs to come on board and put a smile on the face of the less fortunate.“What they (Cobeer Persaud (Anand) Dental Technician) did for us is something very commendable. They (senior visually impaired persons) need this type of service,” the administrator said.She added, “It is not a case where we asked for help,Wholesale China Jerseys, Mr. Persaud did it out of his heart and there should be more people like him to help us.”President of the Guyana Society for the Blind,Wholesale China Jerseys, Cecil Morris said,Cheap Baseball Jerseys Shirts, “This is great and we really appreciate it and when business entity do these things for us, we feel happy and we feel as if we are a part of society.”When asked how the NGO plans to use the money received, Morris said “we currently have CXC classes for the blind from age 18-52-years-old and we will use the money to furnish the classroom.”Meanwhile, the proprietor of the Dental Clinic said that for 2013, he intends to continue helping the less fortunate.Two weeks ago,Wholesale Fashion Shoes Australia, the businessman offered similar services to the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre.

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