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SACK ATTACK: The 49ers' pass rush was supposed to suffer without star linebackers Aldon Smith, in rehab following a second drunken-driving arrest, and the injured Patrick Willis. Instead,Air Max 720 UK Sale, the 49ers sacked Sam Bradford five times, including a lost fumble at the Rams 3 that set up a fourth-quarter score. Harbaugh thought all the replacements stepped up nicely. "It was good team defense, our secondary was getting their hands on the ball, coverage was tight and we got the turnovers," Harbaugh said.
NO RUSH: The 49ers came in ranked 29th in rush defense, but stopped St. Louis at the door. The Rams replaced Steven Jackson, their career leading rusher, with kids and really suffered with 18 yards on 19 carries. Not long after halftime, the Rams had all but given up on running the ball. Nobody offered much in the way of solutions. "We're going to get it fixed," coach Jeff Fisher said after the game. "That's all I'm going to tell you. We'll get it fixed."

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