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作者: Atpdhm79    時間: 2019-4-22 18:20     標題: Cheap Nike Sb Shoes Munnerlyn said. &quot

The Panthers hope Munnerlyn can do the extra things needed Sunday when they host the New Orleans Saints in a game that could decide the NFC South division championship,Cheap NHL Jerseys Authentic, as well as who gets a first-round bye in the playoffs.
Of Munnerlyn's seven career interceptions,Cheap Jerseys From China, the former punt returner has taken five back for TDs — the highest percentage in NFL history among players with at least five INTs.
"I still don't feel like I've made it and that is what makes me who I am,Miami Dolphins Jersey Throwback," Munnerlyn said. "I feel like I have to keep going out there and playing with that chip on my shoulder. Being an undersized guy I feel like I always have to do the extra things."

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